Yoav Reches is a designer & maker whose work investigates the links between technology, user needs and material culture. With a body of work, which spans across product design, furniture, set design, sculpture, performance, Yoav's work expresses an ongoing interest with expanding both conceptual and practical applications of product design.
Alongside his studio practice, Yoav has supported various projects from early ideation stage to mass manufacturing as a design consultant.
Since 2012 has led Formlabs industrial design team, launching multiple generations of desktop SLA / SLS 3D printing systems. Yoav's work has been widely exhibited internationally in venues such as Milan Furniture Fair, London Design Week, Volker Diehl Gallery, Berlin, La Manufacture National de Sèvres Gallery, Paris, The Third Biennale for Ceramics, Tel Aviv, Design Museum Holon and Mingei international museum SF.